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Hinge Mate HM-1100W Door Hinge Template II

Hinge Mate HM-1100W Door Hinge Template II
Lets you accurately set hinges in minutes. Use it for doors, strike plates, boxes, or other edge routing projects. For hinges 1" - 5" long on stock up to 1-3/4" thick. Precision made of extruded aluminum with built-in clamps, hinge setting gauge, plus scales and guide pins for door and jamb mortising. Includes special 1/2" dia. carbide bit with top bearing, and storage case.

Hinge Mate HM-1100W Door Hinge Template II

  • Door hinge template; 5-inch maximum hinge capacity; 1-3/4-inch maximum jam thickness
  • Accurately set hinges in minutes; doors, strike plates, boxes, or edge routing projects
  • Made of durable, lightweight anodized aluminum
  • Includes 1/2-inch diameter bit with top bearing
  • 4.65-pounds; handy storage case included

Hinge Mate HM-1100W Door Hinge Template II
The router is every carpenter’s tool of choice for cutting hinge mortises. However, to cut mortises precisely and quickly, you must use a template, especially if you’re hanging several doors. The Hinge Mate HM-1100W Door Hinge Template II combines fast, easy set-up with the versatility and capacity to handle nearly all hinge-installation jobs.

The rugged, yet lightweight, aluminum template comes with everything needed to rout mortises, except the router. And unlike most other mortise-routing templates that must be nailed or screwed in place, the Hinge Mate clamps directly to the door or doorjamb. The template will cut mortises ranging from 1-inch to 5 inches long, and it has a maximum clamping capacity of 1-3/4 inch thick. Be aware that the template won’t clamp to jambs that are already installed.The Hinge Mate Door Hinge Template II can also be used to rout hinge mortises in wooden boxes and chests, and to cut mortises for strike plates. It comes with a hinge-setting gauge, guide pins, 1/2-inch diameter carbide-tipped router bit, and storage case. Note that you’ll need a 5/8-inch diameter. bit to rout matching mortises for hinges with rounded corners. --Joseph Truini

What’s in the Box: Hinge Mate Door Hinge Template, 1/2-inch diameter ball-bearing-piloted router bit, storage case, instructional booklet

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