Cheap CMT BTS-001 Bowl and Tray Kit Shop

CMT BTS-001 Bowl and Tray Kit

CMT BTS-001 Bowl and Tray Kit

  • Build beautiful bowls and trays faster than ever, and flex your creativity in the process
  • The only way to make divided bowl and trays with a plunge router; no lathe or CNC required
  • Bowl and Tray Kit allows you to make platters and bowls up to 2- 3/4-inches deep
  • There's no end to the different combinations of wood and shapes you can create
  • Includes full length, easy to follow instructional DVD guiding you from start to finish

CMT BTS-001 Bowl and Tray Kit
Show off your woodworking skill with a finely crafted bowl or tray using your router and this new method of creating bowls and trays. A turned bowl can be a very elegant project but many woodworkers are apprehensive about using a lathe. Snack trays make great gifts and this kit makes it easy. The CMT Bowl and Tray Router Template Kit includes two unique bowl and tray templates, a bowl and tray router bit with bearing, router collet extension, and an instructional DVD.

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